Planning Document Information System
Comprehensive Selection Screen
For your convenience documents have been categorized into five (5) Case Flow Processes used by the Department of City Planning.
The number displayed in the parentheses on each button indicates the number of available documents for that Case Flow Process. A zero (0) indicates no documents available. Definitions for each Case Flow Process can be viewed by placing your cursor over the desired button below or by clicking on the Glossary link to your left.
Case No. ENV-2012-395-MND
Initial Actions
(0)Documents Available
Appeal Actions
(0)Documents Available
Council / Other Actions
(0)Documents Available
Plan Approval / Modifications
(0)Documents Available
Approved Plans
(0)Documents Available
Initial Action: First Decision regarding a request for land use changes. The Action includes a Decision Document (including findings),Recommendations, Corrections, Letters, etc. The first action may be by the Director of Planning, Zoning Administrators, Area Planning Commissions, or the City Planning Commission.

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